January 2016


Top of Craigellachie

2016-01-01 10.28.48

Top of Craigellachie

After having been laid off with two torn tendons for the 2nd half of 2015, January has been about getting out again, forget times, just get out. Thankfully it’s meant more runs with Jake than ever before & we’ve been hitting the hills.

Week 1 : 3 Runs, 17.2 miles, 848 meters of ascent.

We started the year off with a few trips up Craigellachie (Aviemore) which is a nice 5.7 mile run with 320 meter of ascent (above pictures).

2016-01-10 12.05.21

Top of Carn na h easgainn

Week 2 : 3 runs, 20 miles, 1,286 meters of ascent.

We took a trip up to Moy, to do a circuit of ‘Carn na h easgainn’. We walked anything steep as this is the plan on my gradual comeback, take it easy it’s only January. Getting to the top & back down was straight forward, but when we hit a small road section at the bottom, Jake let it be known road running is not for him, so we took the 1st left over a fence & made our own route, which included fences,streams,deer fences & much discussion as to where we’d left the car! A standard run ended up as a great adventure 🙂

2016-01-10 13.45.39

Jake trying to avoid a huge bog!

Week 3 : 3 runs, 25 miles, 1,077 meters of ascent.

A couple of slippy runs up High Burnside (Aviemore) & a Sunday adventure up Creggan Gorm & Craiggowrie. The snow had certainly arrived & it was just below the waist in places. We managed a couple of pictures before the windchill became too much for my fingers!! -26 Deg windchill up Cairngorm that morning, so it wouldn’t have been much lower where we were, Jake was fine, whereas i was not enjoying the fact i couldn’t feel anything!! Too much trudging but another adventure with Jake to look back on.


Jake wading through a drift.

2016-01-17 10.49.17

Almost at the top. Loch Morlich in the background.

Week 4 : 4 runs, 27.2 miles, 1,394 meters of ascent.

Jake was either ill or busy with biathlon this week, so i upped the miles a little & headed up High Burnside through deep snow again. I did a run i’d done last week & with the extra snow, the same run took 1hr 15mins longer! Living in Aviemore does mean you have some pretty treacherous conditions to deal with through the winter.

2016-01-31 11.03.30

Fallen trees cover the path.


Great view.


Picture postcard.


Path turning into a river.

A troublesome black toenail finally came off at the end of the month, it was becoming a pain in the backside (not literally!) every time you put a pair of socks on!

It’s been good to be back running, but i’m certainly wary about doing too much too soon, so i’ll continue with a gradual build up in February & hopefully Jake will join me for some more adventures 🙂

January totals : 15 runs, 100 miles & 5,163 meters of ascent.



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