Here’s for a hopeful April

The start of February started promisingly with 20 miles for the 1st week followed by 30 a week for the next couple of weeks, i was thinking that the slow building of miles was going to lead into ‘normal running’ again. But in mid February i received the news that my brother had died after suffering a long illness with Parkinson’s & Dementia. At the same time i was full of a cold & the injury in my foot seemed to be getting worse again. All of these events led to a reduction in my running, just as i thought i was getting somewhere. I ended up with a total 95 miles for February, which was even less than January! I had been running in Hoka’s for the past month & even though i was surprisingly enjoying them much more than i thought i would, i think the reduction in drop from 8mm to 4mm had aggravated my Achilles & i was experiencing a burning pain where the Achilles attaches at the heel.

2016-03-07 11.57.50

Loch an Eilein

The start of March & i went back to my North Face Ultra Cardiacs & Ultra MT’s both with the 8mm drop, hoping that my Achilles would ease?  1st couple of weeks i ran 25 miles followed by 26 miles but was very conscious that i was still getting pain in the foot, a stiffness over the top were i’d had tendon damage & my Achilles was still painful. I’d started with a personnel trainer at the beginning of March & the plan is to strengthen areas that are weak to reduce the injury’s. I visited the podiatrist & had a cast made of my feet & i’m waiting on some custom footbeds that should help. I also paid for a couple of trips to the physio to see whats what. It appears as if the tendon is still repairing & i’ve picked up Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy. I made the decision to take the next 14 days off running & carried on with the personal trainer & went for mountain bike rides with Jake 🙂 I also cancelled my entry for the Glen Lyon 30 mile race at the beginning of May. March mileage was 74 miles (i’m going backwards!)

I’ve gone for 3 short runs at the beginning of April & i’m feeling fitter than earlier in the year but the stiffness & Achilles are still giving me jip. The footbeds can’t come soon enough. It feels great when i’m out on a run & that’s all i want to do, go for a run! How long is it going to take to get rid of these bloody issues?? It’ll be July again soon enough & that’ll be a year of either no running or consistently interrupted running. Come on April, be kind 🙂



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2 Responses to Here’s for a hopeful April

  1. Amanda H says:

    Fingers crossed you get some resolution soon. Patience is difficult but sounds like you are doing all the right things! Take care. Ax

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