‘To reach my end goal, i need to reassess my short term goal’

.Well it’s been a year since i last blogged on here & about 21 months since i picked up an injury that was to last far longer than i ever expected!

A quick zoom back in time & how the things have gone – 4th July 2015 injured my right foot whilst running the ‘Great Glen’ ultra 70ish miles. Couldn’t walk or stand on it for a while, tried resting/elevating/icing all the usual stuff. Next race i had to pull out of 1/2 way, really shouldn’t have started it but Ultra runners can be a determined bunch of folk. Common sense prevailed & i called it a day after 12 hrs, the thought of continuing for another 12 hrs crossed my mind but i was thinking the potential for long term damage would increase, so my 1st dnf arrived but was to be expected. After not much improvement, a month later a visit to the Dr’s was called for, an x-ray followed coming up with a blank, ‘keep resting it’ was the advise & i was put on a waiting list to see the Orthopaedic dude at the hospital. At this point i’m starting to climb the walls at not getting better. More time went by along with more resting stretching etc etc & no improvement, so another visit to the Dr’s to ask about an MRI? That’ll be an 18 month waiting list for the NHS he said, so unwilling to wait i decide on seeing someone privately, she assessed me & did an Ultrasound scan but couldn’t see anything so suggested an MRI & refers me privately, within about 10 days I’ve had an MRI & become considerably poorer. Results say i have great bone structure & no problems with the muscles, just what you don’t want to hear! I wanted ‘holy crap your foots hanging off, we’ll fix it by doing x, y & z’, not there’s bugger all wrong with it! So more trips to Physio’s, Massages etc & back to the quacks. The Dr this time said ‘you’ll not be able to run to the same level again’ due to the ‘overuse injury’, this didn’t go down too well! I felt like lamping him one! All i’d done was pick up an injury on a run, i’d not stepped on a land mine! Folk get better from far worse things than an ‘overuse injury’!

12 months on the waiting list & i finally get an appointment with Mr Orthopaedic, i’m thinking ‘at last an answer as to what’s actually wrong & how to fix it’ & all i get is ‘your running 3 miles at a time? That’s more than 95% of the population does, you’ll have to be satisfied with that, no more long distances for you’!!! This was the straw that broke the camels back.  To say i’d been feeling a bit shit for some time & struggling with straight forward day to day things was an understatement. Earlier in the year my brother had died & 18 months before that my dad had died, my escape from reality & way of dealing with things (running) had been taken away through an injury that no one could tell me exactly what it was & how to address it. I felt like i was ridiculously frustrated all the time! Another trip to the Dr’s to say i’d not been feeling too great for a while & was told i was suffering from Depression. Well that explained a lot but bloody hell i didn’t have a clue about what i was meant to do? The Dr suggested medication or counselling, i’m not the sort for taking medication if i can help it so reluctantly agreed to counselling. I’d never done anything like this before and really wasn’t looking forward to it, but can honestly say to anyone out there that talking about things really does help & thankfully i feel much much better now for it.

A chance visit to a specialist in Manchester gave some much needed answers, he filmed me on a tread mill, had me doing various exercises & told me all my problems are coming from a weak hip & glute. Sort them & the other issues will sort themselves! Great news at last, though sorting the hip & glute then caused back issues, nothing’s ever simple is it?

What do i want to be able to do? Go for long runs pain free & enter a few races. How do i make that happen? Change my routine.

I thought how to change my running habits. What did i used to do? I’d get up about 5:30am & go for a run most mornings & then longer runs on days off & that was about it. So I’ve stopped that totally. I’ve started running back from work to get some short miles in. I’ll go swimming, a med run & a yoga class on one day off & a longer run on my other day off (still not overly long though at the moment). I still get up early but now i’ll do a mixture of yoga/stretching/strengthening whilst watching TV. Regular trips for a sports massage/physio & i’m definitely feeling as though i’m on the right track. There’s still issues & i’m a bit paranoid about upping my mileage too much but some positive thinking, keep doing what i’m doing & with a bit of luck i might even come back stronger!

Well here’s hoping!!


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4 Responses to ‘To reach my end goal, i need to reassess my short term goal’

  1. mrshmunro says:

    Thanks for sharing Martin – hoping for a speedy and full recovery, I know how frustrating it is to be sidelined for an extended period of time xx

  2. Amanda says:

    Frustrating support from
    The NHS but sounds like you’re doing the right thing in terms of getting the body back on track. Fingers crossed this is the long term solution and the distances can creep up!

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